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The OnLine Training GED Program

((This subscription program requires a PayPal account.  You will be charged $25 when you register, and then the subscription kicks in and you are charged $25 per month.  You can cancel the subscription in your PayPal account at any time.  ))

The GED test consists of four parts.

  • Part 1. Reasoning through Language Arts - This includes the elements of Standard English, sentence structure, and the parts of speech. A composition of approximately 250 words is also required. It also includes popular literature, classical literature, and commentary on literature and the fine arts.
  • Part 2. Mathematics - This includes basic arithmetic, algebra, statistics, and geometry.
  • Part 3. Science - This includes life sciences such as biology and physical sciences such as physics, chemistry, astronomy, and earth science.
  • Part 4. Social Studies - This includes Behavioral Science, History, Political Science, Economics, and Geography.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life! If you haven't already begun, now is the time. Study with us and pass your GED exam.

Many people have a need for General Education Development leading to a GED. Some have recently left school without graduating. Others have been working for a number of years but still feel the need for a high school diploma. A high school diploma improves earning power, can provide entry into college, and gives a sense of success.

OnLine Training Institute solves access to education problems associated with how to get to class, where the class is held, and when you are able to study. At OLT you are in control of when and where you study. Each course contains computer-graded tests so that you can test your learning as you make progress toward your goal.

The GED Tests measure your knowledge and academic skills against those of today's traditional high school graduates. OnLine Training offers a complete course for each GED test. Our manufacturers will tell you what to expect when you take the GED Tests, what your scores mean when you receive them, and how to use your GED diploma to enroll in a college or university program of your choice.

Our goal is to help students complete our courses and learn the appropriate material.

Prerequisites: None

You can purchase all four GED courses on a subscription plan rather than pay for unlimited access to the courses. All 4 courses will be delivered as soon as your registration is processed.  If you need continuing access to the courses you will be billed $25 monthly until you have completed the online courses or notify us you wish to stop.

Author: James L. Harned, PhD

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Enrollment Length Monthly subscription
Course Availability Worldwide
Minimum age required None

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